Special Orders

vintageparlorguitars.com offers the option of placing a "Special Order" for a vintage parlor guitar. I typically have between 20-30 vintage small bodies on hand that are in "untouched", "as found" condition that we can draw from to configure the exact fit, features and finish that you're looking for in a vintage guitar. Features like fretboard and bridge wood, bracing, top replacement wood, top finish, or specifics like nut width, neck profile and string spacing can be customized to satisfy your wish/want list, playing style or deliver that certain "vintage vibe" without breaking the bank.

Pricing depends on age, condition, pedigree and custom features with some Special Orders priced as low as $499. After all the details have been worked out regarding specs, features and budget, Special Orders require a 25% non-refundable deposit to start the ball rolling with the balance due just before shipping. Special Orders take between 5-8 weeks to complete from date of deposit and are covered by the same return policy posted on the PURCHASE page of the website.

The possibilities are not endless...but pretty close. Email me at src@vermontel.net to find out if placing a "Special Order" could work for you.