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Vintage 0-size 12-fret in solid ladder-braced cedar/birch, 1 3/4” nut, 2 1/4” string spacing, fine sustain & playability with folky inlays to boot!


My stash of orphaned parlor bodies was gassing for a cedar top makeover. My stash of orphaned cedar top was gassing for an old-time birch body. After you’ve listened to the video soundclip of this guitar you’ll agree with me…they make a great match. The short scale length of this parlor not only makes fretting easier but also draws the tone out nicely, the sustain being ever so sweet. Good looking American-made flattop at a fair price.

Price: $799

Link to video soundclip here:

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Pre-war Supertone topped United terz-size parlor in ladder braced spruce/birch, 1 3/4” nut, bell-like tone surrounded by cool vintage vibe.


The top for the guitar was repurposed from a late 30s Gene Autry parlor and the sound this little guitar puts out is nothing but happy trails. The United body and neck provided the perfect body size and scale length to round out the package. Terz size guitars can be setup in standard tuning using 53-12 gauge or in G-G tuning using 47-10s gauge strings. Quite versatile in this regard, adding to the sweet vibe this parlor delivers regardless of the preferred tuning.

PRICE: $699

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