c. 1950 Regal “Milady” model terz parlor in solid spruce/birch, 1 9/16” nut, 2 1/8” string spacing, uber-rare, G-G tuning with bell-like tone


I had always heard of an elusive “terz” size parlor that Regal issued years ago but, until now, had never come across one. I don’t know for how long they were made but, according to Bob Carlin in his book, Regal Musical Instruments: 1895-1955, “The Milady” model was designed as the ladies’ version of the “Milord” model marketed to male players. This example is a variant of the one pictured in Carlin’s book. It was a joy to obtain, update and offer up to the terz lovers of the world, regardless of gender.

SPECS: terz-size body, 12-fret poplar neck with solid headstock, fixed steel neck reinforcement, updated ladder-braced solid spruce top in natural finish, solid birch sides and back in faux mahogany/burst finish, original tuning machines with new black buttons, “D” neck profile, flared rosewood fretboard with new frets, rosewood bridge, bone nut, bone saddle, ebony pins. Nut width: 1 9/16”, String Spacing: 2 1/8“, Scale length: 20 1/8”, Upper bout: 7 7/8“, Lower Bout: 11 1/4”, Body length: 15 1/4”, Widest body depth: 3 7/16”, Overall length: 32”, Neck thickness at 1st fret: 7/8”, Neck thickness at 5th fret: 7/8”, Action: 3/32”, string gauge setup: D’addario EJ15 extra light gauge in G-G tuning.

CONDITION: Solid condition with no issues besides some finish loss, scuffs, edge wear, etc. Crack free.

SOUND: Terz guitars aren’t meant to be loud and obtrusive. The tone is intimate, delicate and bell-like. Plays easy, for sure. G-G tuning is just plain fun.

PRICE: $699


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