Size 5 “Terz” parlor in X-braced African mahogany over birch, 1 11/16” nut, 2 1/8” string spacing, all-solid wood vintage parlor for G-G tuning, available with optional K&K pickup


I had a 50 year old Size 5 body laying around and decided to repurpose the old gal into a really sweet player for either terz tuning (G-G) with extra light gauge strings or standard tuning (E-E) with medium gauge strings. The vintage African mahogany top really makes a difference in more ways than one. With a lower bout measuring 11 1/2” it won’t be the loudest guitar you’ve ever played but with an optional K&K pickup(add $100 installed) you can plug in with the big boys without missing a beat.

SPECS: terz-size body, 12-fret neck with paddle headstock, X-braced book matched African mahogany top in natural finish, solid birch sides and back in black lacquer finish, original tuning machines, “C” neck profile, fixed steel neck reinforcement, radius’d rosewood fretboard with new frets, new ebony bridge, tortoise binding top with simple black sound hole ring, unbleached bone nut and saddle with ebony pins. Nut width: 1 11/16”, String Spacing: 2 1/8”, Scale length: 21 3/8”, Upper bout: 8 1/4”, Lower Bout: 11 1/2”, Body length: 15 1/2”, Widest body depth: 3 5/16”, Overall length: 32 3/8”, Neck thickness at 1st fret: 7/8“, Neck thickness at 5th fret: 7/8”, Action: 3/32”, string gauge setup: extra lights in G-G tuning or mediums in standard tuning.

CONDITION: Solid top-off rebuild. Crack free all around. Please note that vintage surfaces will have underlying swirls, scrapes, scratches, bumps and bruises.

SOUND: Size 5 guitars are often a compliment to an existing stable of acoustics. The string spacing is not all that limiting compared to many examples in this body size. Tone is intimate and pleasing without tinniness or twang. It’s not likely to compete with your other guitars in the volume category but would make a nice travel guitar, recording guitar or equal partner at the hootenanny if plugged in. Setup can be adjusted, within reason, to suit your playing style.

PRICE: $599 or, $699 with K&K installed

Link to video soundclip here.



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