Bed-pandemic Style A Shitar, Shop-built 13-fret in white enamel over metal, 1 3/4” nut, 2 1/4” string spacing, Fishman pickup and pre-amp included


This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands. I had the neck. I had the bedpan. I had the Fishman pickup. I had the vision. It has absolutely no acoustic voice at all(think silent guitar) but plays and sounds like any other guitar plugged in. The passive under saddle comes with a Fishman pre-amp so you’ll only need to supply the amplifier. If you playing sitting down, I’ll also include a vintage strap to help keep the darn thing on your lap. If you’ve been looking for something to remind you of 2020 global pandemic, this might be just the thing.

SPECS: bedpan-size body, 13-fret neck with solid headstock, enameled bedpan with pee pee spout, new tuning machines, “C” neck profile, adjustable truss rod, new radius’d rosewood fretboard with new frets, new markers, new rosewood floating bridge, bone nut and saddle, Nut width: 1 3/4”, String Spacing: 2 1/4“, Scale length: 25.46”, Upper bout: 4 1/4“, Lower Bout: 12 1/2”, Body length: 14 1/2”, Widest body depth: 4”, Overall length: 39”, Neck thickness at 1st fret: 7/8”, Neck thickness at 5th fret: 7/8”, Action: 1/8”, string gauge setup: D’addario EJ26 custom light gauge in standard tuning.

CONDITION: Solid condition using a repurposed neck. Other work included neckset, new radius fretboard/frets, bridge, pickup, setup. Repurposed bedpans may have underlying scrapes and scratches, bumps and bruises.

SOUND: Acoustic sound: none Plugged in with pre-amp: pretty darn good. Action can be adjusted to suit your playing style.

PRICE: $399


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