1969 Harmony 3/4 terz size, 12-fret in ladder-braced solid spruce/mahogany, 1 5/8” nut, 2 1/16” string spacing, with K&K mini pickup installed


This 3/4 model Harmony H162 is becoming hard to fine, especially in this condition. Updated bracing, steel neck reinforcement and a compensated bridge/saddle makes for a solid player. Tuned G-G, she’s a great travel, couch or songwriting guitar for the player with smaller hands.

SPECS: terz-size body, 12-fret neck with paddle headstock, ladder-braced solid spruce top in natural finish, solid mahogany sides and back in natural finish, top and back binding, original poplar neck with headstock stencil, steel neck reinforcement, period tuning machines, “C” neck profile, original ebony fretboard with brass frets, MOP markers, new rosewood bridge, bone pins, nut and saddle, Nut width: 1 5/8”, String Spacing: 2 1/16“, Scale length: 21 1/2”, Upper bout: 8 1/2“, Lower Bout: 11 1/2”, Body length: 15 5/8”, Widest body depth: 3 1/4”, Overall length: 32 1/2”, Neck thickness at 1st fret: 13/16”, Neck thickness at 5th fret: 7/8”, Action: 3/32”, string gauge setup: D’addario extra light gauge in G-G tuning.

CONDITION: Solid rebuilt condition. Crack free. Frets appear unplayed, Bracing was updated to accommodate modern string tension. Other work included neckset with steel added, new bridge and bridge plate, pickup, setup.

SOUND: Intimate sound for personal, cozy playing experience. Responds better to a light touch. Can also be tuned to standard tuning with medium gauge string set. 1st generation K&K pickup requires a pre-amp or mixing board phantom power to bring out its true capabilities.

PRICE: $599


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